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Bryan Stiles

Bryan  Stiles -
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Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Pasadena, CA 91109
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Radar Algorithms and Processing

Dr Stiles received his Ph.D in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 1997. His dissertation described mathematical structures based upon biological neural networks that are useful for modeling nonlinear spatio-temporal systems. From 1997 to the present time, he has worked for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). At JPL he has developed simulations, ground processing, and data analysis algorithms for spaceborne radar. He led the development of the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) processor for the Cassini Radar instrument and developed methods for determining the surface height and spin parameters of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon from Cassini Radar data. In addition to his work on Cassini, he has worked on the end-to-end simulation of ocean wind scatterometers and developed algorithms for estimating winds and rain from Earth-orbiting scatterometer data. He developed a means for improving the wind retrieval accuracy of pencil beam scanning scatterometers that is employed today by NASA and NOAA in processing data from the QuikSCAT satellite. He also developed a statistical model of the impact of rain on ocean wind scatterometer data that is used to flag for rain contamination. He has worked on spaceborne radar systems for 14 years and Cassini Radar for 9 years. He has produced SAR imagery of Titan that has appeared on the covers of Science and Nature.

Selected Publications:

Ralph D. Lorenz , Elizabeth P. Turtle, Bryan Stiles, Alice Le Gall, Alexander Hayes, Oded Aharonson, Charles A. Wood, Ellen Stofan, and Randy Kirk, "Hyposometry Of Titan," Icarus, Volume 211, No. 1, pp. 699-706. 2011.

Giuseppe Mitri, Michael T. Bland, Adam P. Showman, Jani Radebaugh, Bryan Stiles, Rosaly M. C. Lopes, Jonathan I. Lunine, and Robert T. Pappalardo, "Mountains On Titan: Modeling And Observations," Journal Of Geophysical Research, Vol. 115, E10002. 2011.

B. W. Stiles and R.S. Dunbar, "A Neural Network Technique For Improving The Accuracy Of Scatterometer Winds In Rainy Conditions," IEEE Trans. Geosci. and Remote Sensing, Vol 48 , No. 8, pp. 3114-3122. 2010.

B. W Stiles, S. Hristova-Veleva, et al., "Obtaining Accurate Ocean Surface Winds In Hurricane Conditions: A Dual Frequency Scatterometry Approach," IEEE Trans. Geosci. and Remote Sensing, Vol 48 , No. 8, pp. 3101-3113. 2010.

Bryan W. Stiles, Scott Hensley, Yonggyu Gim, David M. Bates, et al., "Determining Titan surface topography from Cassini SAR Data," Icarus, Vol. 202, No.2, pp. 584-598. 2009.

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Bryan W. Stiles, Randolph L. Kirk, Ralph D. Lorenz, Scott Hensley, et al., "Determining Titan's Spin State from Cassini RADAR Images," The Astronomical Journal, Vol 135 No 5, pp. 1669-1680. 2008.

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S.H. Yueh, B.W. Stiles, and W. T. Liu, "QuikSCAT wind retrievals for tropical cyclones," IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol 41, No. 11, Part 1, pp. 2616-2628. 2003.

B. W. Stiles and S. H. Yueh, "Impact of Rain on Spaceborne Ku-Band Wind Scatterometer Data," IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. Vol 40, No. 9, Part 1, pp. 1973-1983. 2002.

B. W. Stiles, B. D. Pollard, and R. S. Dunbar, "Direction Interval Retrieval with Thresholded Nudging: A Method for Improving the Accuracy of QuikSCAT Winds," IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. Vol. 40. No. 1, pp. 79-89. 2002.

B. W. Stiles, I. W. Sandberg, and J. Ghosh, "Complete memory structures for approximating nonlinear discrete time mappings," IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, Volume 8, pp. 1397-1409. 1997.

B W. Stiles and J. Ghosh, "A habituation based neural network for spatio-temporal classification," Neurocomputing, Spl. Issue on recurrent networks, 15 (3,4), pp. 273-307. 1997.


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